We believe that the financial services industry is undergoing a transformation with clients looking for more than just products and returns.

We know all financial planners can offer the same products as us but our approach is different because we use our values-based process to remove all biases from the conversation.
We treat you as if you are our only client, which will help us better understand where you want to be.

The process we utilize requires more work, more sharing, and likely more discovery than any previous advisor you’ve dealt with in the past.
It might feel uncomfortable initially, but it’s a process that works and allows us to understand your priorities and build a plan to help you accomplish the things you value most.

Our 6 step process

STEP #1  “15 Minute DISCOVERY Call”

Are we a good fit, and does your situation align with our know-how. Does our skillset match the needs and complexity of your situation. We want ensure if it’s determined we’re not a good fit, we are happy to refer you to a different advisor.

STEP #2 “Goals and Values discussion”

Once determined that we are a good fit, we will have you fill out our online financial discovery form which allows us to understand your situation more clearly. We will walk through an intensive/exercise to help you truly understand/develop your financial goals which align with the things that are most important to you.

STEP #3 “Engagment plan and commitment”

Now that we have a better understanding of your goals and values, we want to ensure our commitment to you and your commitment to us. During this stage, you’ll have a clear picture of the implementation plan and how we get you to financial clarity step by step/road map.

STEP #4 “Analysis and deep dive”

This is where we look beyond the surface and dive into all the numbers.

Some of the areas of value can include:

– Potential tax Minimization
– Cash flow / Budgets
– Debt management
– Risk Management review
– Estate Liability Estimates
– Retirement/ Finacial Independence Timelines

STEP #5 “Finaicial plan walk-through

A simple concise presentation that breaks down your financial hurdles and provides the step by step plan to help eliminate the hurdles and a clear path to get you to your financial goals faster. We remove all industry jargon, buzzwords and ensure the information is simple and easy to understand. We’ll take the time to ensure you fully understand the plan we’ve prepared before we start implementing.

STEP #6 “Implementation and continuous review”

This is where the rubber hits the road. The plan we’ve created together now takes action. We work with you and your other advisors (accountants, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, etc) to execute all the tactics we’ve laid out in your personalized financial plan. It doesn’t stop there, we continue to review constantly, adapt and check-in’s with you throughout the year as often as you need. Your life is changing and so are your financial needs, this applies to the plan we created, it’s constantly evolving with you.

If you feel comfortable with our approach or have questions – let’s move to the next step IN THE JOURNEY and see if our team meets your qualifications.