Our Approach to Group Benefits

Group benefit plans customized for your employees and organization – here are the 5 steps we take when working with clients.

STEP #1  “15 Minute DISCOVERY Call”

This 15-minute discovery call allows us to get a better understanding of your benefit requirements and will help us uncover any pains or sore spots that you may be experiencing with your current advisor or group benefit plan.

STEP #2 “Benefit Needs analysis”

Once determined that we are a good fit this step allows us to really understand your group plan needs. This includes reviewing your employee benefit needs and comparing them to your current plan.

STEP #3 “The Deep dive”

This is where we can really drive value for your employees and your organization. We will consider plan design changes, potential admin efficiencies, and additional value ad’s that you typically don’t see elsewhere. We often find savings during the process and will share them with you.

STEP #4 “Presentation”

Now that we have a better understanding of your employee’s and organizations’ needs, we will walk you through a customized plan that meets all of the needs and goals that we discovered together.

STEP #5 “Implementation”

This is where we put the plan into action. In most cases, the client workload can be quite minimal. We try to take most of the work off your plate and make the process as pain-free as possible.

If you feel comfortable with our approach or have questions – let’s move to the next step IN THE JOURNEY and see if our team meets your qualifications.